Working at a Movie Theatre part 2


Sorry there was some time between these two posts, but work is got me in like everyday haha.  Well continuing on the subject of movie theater problems, I think people just have a sense of ignorance when they step into a movie.  The reason people go to the movies is to transport themselves into a whole nother world and I think as they leave, they haven’t exactly left that world.  Apparently in their fairy tale world, a magic fairy comes and cleans all this s**t up, lol.  Well the point I’m trying to get across is that, 1. Parents, don’t teach your kids to leave trash on the floor, they will eventually do it at home anyways. 2. How hard can it be to carry the same exact stuff you brought in to eat, to bring out and the trash.  So all be wary that there are other movie theater employees like myself who wish people would be just a tad bit less rude.  Thanks haha


Working at a Movie Theater Part 1


Working at a movie theater has its pros and its cons.  For example, depending on where you work, you can get free movies while you are hired there.  But the worst, and when I say worst, I mean THE worst con of working at a movie theater is the ignorance of rudeness of some of the people that attend the movies.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, best job ever and mainly the people are nice and considerate, but some things that happen have absolutely no reason to occur.  For example, families take their kids to the new pixar/dreamworks movie and buy them popcorn and candy and drinks. No problem, right?  Wrong.  Apparently we teach our kids that when we go to the movies we can just leave all of our trash on the floor because it magically disappears…. Continued in next postImage